Quantumrock Absolute Return VSOP

The Quantumrock Absolute Return VSOP is a pre-packed, absolute return, multi asset investment product consisting of several Alpha Add-Ons addressing major client requirements in one product.

VSOP’s investment approach leverages a set of absolute return strategies, agnostic to markets or market regimes. 

Individual strategies are targeting one asset class and market (e.g., S&P 500) and are being implemented through derivatives. Collectively, those strategies may be combined into multi-asset strategies. Special emphasis is being put on the inclusion of strategies generating ‘Crisis Alpha’ through timing volatility (VIX) and underlying equity markets in crisis situations. 

VSOP’s multi asset investment approach focuses on long-term capital preservation but requires risk tolerance towards short-term drawdowns. It is being managed according to volatility und Sharpe ratio metrics.

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Get in touch to learn more about VSOP!

Get in touch to learn more about VSOP!