Quantumrock launched it’s highly successful AI strategy as a UCITS fund

VSOP consists of a balanced portfolio consisting of S&P 500 futures and U.S. Treasury futures and an overlay strategy that trades volatility patterns on a situational basis. These overlay strategies correlate negatively with the stock markets and are therefore an ideal addition to the overall portfolio. Overall, the portfolio has a significantly lower risk profile than the S&P 500.

The investment process utilizes AI and machine learning techniques developed by Quantumrock. The continuing development and optimization of existing and new strategies are led by Michael Zeller, Quantumrock’s CIO.

“Our strategy is designed to generate positive returns in rising markets as well as crisis alpha during periods of market volatility and drawdowns.

This combination has proven very popular in managed account form with institutional and high net worth investors this year, and as a result, we are bringing a UCITs version of this strategy to market to increase access to the strategy among institutional and wholesale funds selectors.

Back in May of this year, we made VSOP available on dbSelect, Deutsche Bank’s managed account platform connecting investors with hedge fund managers. So far, we have received strong demand both via this platform as well as by family offices and as a result we anticipate that this new fund will continue to provide excellent growth opportunities for our investors.” Stefan Tittel, CEO Quantumrock

The Germany domiciled fund will be available in multiple share classes - one for retail (denominated in EUR) and three for institutional (EUR/ USD/ GBP). There will be a minimum investment for the institutional class of only 2 million EUR/ USD/ GBP. The retail class is available without minimum investment. The fund is registered for sale in Germany.


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