Quantumrock announces new senior-executive council with Daniel Kalczynski and Thorsten Weinelt

“We are very excited that Daniel and Thorsten have chosen to join our senior-executive council with other members joining in the coming months. It is clear from their fundamental contribution to the asset management industry, that they come to us with the right expertise that we need to grow the business. After a record year for Quantumrock in 2020, I appreciate having a council of specialists who see the growth potential in our business.” Stefan Tittel, CEO of Quantumrock

The newly formed senior-executive council will provide counsel to Quantumrock’s senior executives and support the company with its growth objective of attracting more institutional investors and family offices to invest in their white-box, high-level AI and machine learning strategies. The senior-executive council will also be fundamental in leveraging Quantumrock internationally to scale up the business further.

“Quantumrock has delivered an outstanding performance in recent years, especially in volatile markets. Due to the risk profile of Quantumrock’s products, they offer a very interesting addition to the strategic asset allocation for professional and semi-professional investors. In addition, the UCITS fund has recently been made accessible to the risk-aware retail investor.” Daniel Kalczynski commenting on his appointment
"At Quantumrock I met a young, talented and very dynamic team that has the capability to be part of the transformation in the asset management industry. As a growing innovator in asset management, they are among the first in Europe to employ AI and machine learning consistently in a very professional set-up exploring new alpha opportunities with a formidable track record." Thorsten Weinelt commented
 “As we continue our journey of applying machine learning to research and developing new investment strategies, we now look to our senior-executive council to help us develop a plan to drive our client relationships across Germany, Europe and internationally.” Tittel added