How To Invest

Professional investors can invest in different ways. All strategies and investment opportunities presented on the website are the responsibility of the liability umbrella Quantumrock Capital GmbH in its capacity as financial portfolio manager.

How To Invest

How To Invest

Mutual Fund

The VSOP strategy is available in a UCITS fund in four share classes:

Inst. - EUR (DE000A2P9XF7)
Inst. - USD (DE000A3CLJL3)
Inst. - GBP (DE000A3CLJM1)
Retail - EUR (DE000A2P9XE0)


The VSOP strategy is available with a cash-efficient leverage up to 4x on dbSelect, Deutsche Bank’s managed account platform. dbSelect is the market-leading managed account investment platform for professional investors to access alpha strategies in FX, CTAs and other liquid trading strategies.

Bloomberg ticker: FXSTQRK1

Managed Account

The VSOP strategy can be traded via a managed account, a personal trading account held in the investor's name through Interactive Brokers.

Dedicated Funds

The VSOP strategy is available on request through dedicated funds.