AI asset tech company, quantumrock awarded with asset management mandate as preferred asset management and portfolio management partner by innovative company builders The Factor-Y


quantumrock enters into partnership with incubation disruptors The Factor-Y; supporting AI/ML solutions and asset and portfolio management

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) asset management company, quantumrock, proudly announces today its partnership with The Factor-Y, a disruptive startup incubator focused on synthetic, scalable company building. quantumrock will be The Factor-Y’s  preferred asset management and portfolio management partner, AI and ML advisor, and partner in AI and ML research and development. quantumrock will use its innovative AI/ML platform and Alpha-generating, portfolio-enhancing strategies known as Alpha Add-Ons to support and contribute to the work of the sustainable startup incubator.

At The Factor-Y, we’re delighted to be partnering with world-leading AI asset tech company, quantumrock. In addition to their providing solutions for managing our portfolios and assets in the future, we’re excited to learn from the team’s expertise in AI and ML in our investment process Philipp Assmus, Founder of The Factor-Y

By bringing onboard the expertise of quantumrock’s team of deep tech engineers, capital market experts, and international former top banking and technology executives, The Factor-Y benefits directly from dedicated AI/ML and capital markets assistance as it continues to incubate, build, and grow hundreds of companies based on each individual's unique product ideas and in accordance with an IP-protected incubation methodology.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with incubation disruptors, The Factor-Y, on AI and ML in capital markets, AI/ML research and development, and asset and portfolio management. But there is more, The Factor-Y also has an impact, allowing anyone indepdently from gender, upbringing and status to innovate, and we are proud to associated to such a positive methodology Stefan Tittel, CEO of quantumrock

With AI and ML becoming increasingly valuable elements of the incubation process, this partnership with quantumrock is the natural next step for The Factor-Y.  quantumrock’s  Munich-based team of deep tech engineers and finance experts will provide AI/ML business model advice, insights into AI/ML methodology for the enhancement and discovery of product idea generation, and collaboration on an AI/ML research and development partnership going forward. Finally, The Factor-Y will “park” a significant portion of the company’s assets into quantumrock products such as the quantumrock Absolute Return, the quantumrock Treasury Alpha, the quantumrock Equity Alpha, quantumrock Single Stock Opportunities, and quantumrock High Dividend Opportunities in order to protect company assets against inflation, market corrections, and risk.

About Quantumrock GmbH:

quantumrock is an AI asset tech company differentiating through an innovative AI/ML platform which is employed to rapidly analyze large amounts of market data to identify patterns and opportunities for Alpha generation, packaged for clients in Alpha-generating strategies that improve their funds or portfolios, so-called Alpha Add-Ons. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and consists of around 30 deep tech engineers, finance/capital market experts and international former top executives from the banking and technology sector as employees and advisors.

About The Factor-Y:

Swiss-based incubators, The Factor-Y, offers standardized, automated company building, eliminating the need for manual, ad-hoc processes. The team seeks to eliminate the factors that cause companies to fail by offering a new, inclusive alternative to venture capital itself: