Global investment leader, IGI Inex, enters into research partnership with AI asset tech frontrunner, quantumrock, to enable compelling bond product


IGI Inex turns to AI thought leader quantumrock for better portfolio construction and predictions for asset backing a compelling bond product

Global investment company, IGI Inex Holdings (UK), entered into a partnership with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) leaders, Munich-based AI asset and portfolio management company, quantumrock. With AI and ML transforming the asset management and portfolio management landscape over the short and long term, this collaboration marks a natural next step for the UK-based investment firm as it turns to quantumrock’s team of AI/ML and capital market experts to enhance its investment decision-making going forward.

IGI Inex is a global leader in precious stone investment and its associated global mining activities, holding several subsidiary companies such as IGI Inex Real Estate, IGI Inex Trading, SouthCapital, and IGI Inex Global Investments in addition to shareholdings such as Seabury Capital. As a security provider for structured products due to its extensive holdings in gemstones, commodities, copper, and more, IGI Inex intends to work closely with quantumrock’s team of deep tech engineers and finance experts to apply AI methodology to optimize portfolio construction and product evaluation in its subsidiary companies.

One of the first joint projects of the partnership will see quantumrock providing AI insights and predictions for the asset backing of a compelling €250m, 7.25% coupon short-duration bond (DE000A3H2ZP5). For this project, IGI Inex grants coverage through a default guarantee via their portfolio of gemstones worth up to 120% of the actual bond volume. As part of this process, the stones are valued by two different appraisers of GIA (Gemological Institute of America Inc), the world market leader in the valuation of precious stones, and are insured by Lloyds. The entire project is led and supervised by Ernst & Young which acts as the collateral agent. quantumrock’s AI insights will be applied to optimize the asset backing and to run predictions on likely bond performance.
Partnering with quantumrock is a logical choice for IGI Inex. We’re excited to learn from their extensive AI and ML expertise in order to optimize future investments and asset allocation. The 7.25% coupon bond is an excellent test case for the research collaboration; a compelling product for the market, made possible with intelligent application of assets as well as insights. We’re particularly proud to be enablers of such a product, especially in today’s volatile markets. The asset backing we offer for that bond is, from our perspective, an investment and therefore needs to be evaluated with the best available technology. Werner Schmidt, Founder of IGI Inex
There are many opportunities for the application of AI in asset and portfolio management and the specific use case of predictions around bond performance is an excellent one.  We couldn’t be more pleased by this unique chance to partner with leading global investment group, IGI Inex. Stefan Tittel, CEO of quantumrock

About IGI Inex Holding (UK): 

IGI Inex Holding (UK) is a privately-owned global investment company based in London, founded by Werner Schmidt, a São Paulo-based entrepreneur and German native. IGI Inex is a holding company established with the purpose of overseeing the operations, governance, and compliance of several businesses in mining, manufacturing, gemstones, real estate, and finance.